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Support the Programs of Healthy Kids!
A Family Resource Network

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Who We Are

Healthy Kids is a community based family and professional network, offering support and educational outreach to families throughout Lincoln County. Since 1985, Healthy Kids has worked to enhance and improve the lives of children and parents, providing a wide variety of programs. These programs are designed to help parents, caregivers and professionals in raising emotionally, physically and cognitively healthy children.


The Dima Foundation

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Dorothy G. & Stanley E. Worden Charitable Foundation

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The Marjorie C. Bailey Charitable Foundation


Supported by: The Maine Dept. of Health and Human Services

2024 Board of Directors

Alicia Hunter, LSW

        Hannah Kutschinski

Sandy Guibord

Alexis Brinkler


Vice President



Jeffrey Drake

Erin Garey

Lt. Brendan Kane

Amy Krawic, RN, BSN

Rebekah Oliver, LSW

Katherine Ramirez


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Staff Members

Charlene Corbett - Executive Director

207-563-1818 x1 -

Barbara Dakin - Office Assistant

207-563-1818 x2 -

Ian Bell - Office Assistant/IT Support

207-563-1818 x2 -

Sofia Watts - Community Educator (Lincoln County)

207-563-1818 x3 -

Toby LeCrone - Community Educator (Knox County)

207-563-1818 x4 -

PO Box 689 * 15 Belvedere Rd. * Damariscotta, ME 04543


207-563-6381 (fax)

How to Help!


If you are interested in volunteering please call the office at 207-563-1818.

Opportunities include:

* Become a Healthy Kids Ambassador

* Staff/Support fundraising events

* Office Help

* More!

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Healthy Kids is a proud partner of United Way of Midcoast Maine.

We encourage you to give as you are able to Healthy Kids through this year's United Way Campaign.


Direct giving form:

Text to Give: Text HealthyKids to 91999

To everyone who ran, walked, volunteered and supported our 2023 Strawberry Shortcake Shuffle: THANK YOU!


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2023 SSS Race Results

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Great race, everyone!

Proceeds from Whoopie pie sales benefited programs at Healthy Kids!

A Special Thank You
to our 
Whoopie Pie Sponsors:

C.E. Reilly & Sons
East Boothbay General Store
Hilltop Stop
Main Street Grocery
Mike's Place
Nobleboro Village Store
Southport General Store


Join the Parent Talk

Watch our TV Series

Healthy Kids Parent Talk Building Self Worth

Healthy Kids Parent Talk Building Self Esteem

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Read Our Blog!

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Praise and Kids...Based on the Nurturing Parenting Curriculum.

“Praise is like the fuel that powers the self esteem of children.”  If kids believe in themselves and their own self-worth, they will treat others the same.  And research has shown that kids who feel good about themselves do better in school, are more popular, don’t feel they “can’t” do things and generally enjoy life.

Understanding the Role of Brain Development in Child Development

The brain is the organ in our body that controls everything...motor movement, communication, social interactions, emotions, academic achievement name it...the brain controls it.  The brain develops over 75% after birth and is completely dependent on the environment it is in to grow and develop. the first five years of life it grows to 90% of it’s full capacity.  The brain is fully developed around age 25 with the last thing to come along, being the frontal lobe and decision making abilities.

Alternatives to Spanking

“Spanking children is an old, outdated parenting practice that has proven failure in helping children learn appropriate behavior. Current research on the development of children’s brains has also shown that hitting children has a detrimental impact on their positive brain development. Repeatedly hitting children whether on the buttocks, face, hands, legs and other parts of the body is linked to the creation of diseased neurological networks causing the children to become angry, stressed and violent. In spite of decades of research alerting parents and other adults to the developmental destructiveness of hitting children, the practice continues today.” The Nurturing Program

How to Understand and Deal with Children's Feelings

We all have feelings and feelings impact how we are and how we deal with the world.  Right from the beginning, we learn that we have them, and we often classify them as “good” or “bad” feelings.  Then we have to figure out what to do with them and.....that’s where parents come in.

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Parenting... The Toughest Job You'll Ever Love!


Child Development






















Gender Differences:


Communicating with Kids:


 Parenting Styles:




Discipline and Teaching Skills to Prevent the Need for Discipline:



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Home: Inner_about
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Things To Do!

For The Whole Family


Public Libraries/Story Hours

Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library – 633-3112 Magic Mary’s Story Hour for

preschoolers, Fridays at 10 am.

Bridge Academy Public Library (Dresden) – 737-8810 Stories for preschool/elementary

age kids, Saturdays at 10 am.

Hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2-7, and Saturdays from 9-1.

Bristol Area Library (New Harbor) – 677-2115 Story Time for all ages, Fridays at 10:30 am.

Jefferson Public Library – 549-7491 Located at Jefferson Village School. Hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4-7.

Rutherford Library (South Bristol) – 644-1882

Skidompha Public Library (Damariscotta) – Toddler Time: Stories songs, and rhymes for children 2-5, Tuesdays at 9:30 am. Book Babies: Stories, songs, fingerplays for babies 0-3, Wednesdays at 10 am. Saturday Story Time: Songs, puppets stories and crafts for all ages, 10 am. Children of all ages are welcome at all programs.

Waldoboro Public Library – Stories and activities for preschoolers, Wednesdays 10 am.

Wiscasset Public Library – Thursdays at 10:30 am.

Outdoor Fun

Public Playgrounds

CLC YMCA, off of Business Route 1 in Damariscotta •Harold B. Clifford Community Playground, on Back River

Road in Boothbay •Wiscasset Annex Playground, across from the High School on 

Route 27

Places to Explore

Boothbay Region: For more information, contact the Boothbay 

Region Land Trust at 633-4818 


Lobster Cove Meadow, on Eastern Avenue in Boothbay Harbor – there is a hiking trail here about a mile long, but there is also an old road/ATV trail that offers easy walking. Boasts a freshwater wetland, field, old apple orchard, and forested upland, as well as unbeatable birding (over 140 species have been identified here!)

Ocean Point, East Boothbay – a lovely area to explore, whether poking along the shore or walking along the paved loop.

Ovens Mouth Preserve, on Dover Road in Boothbay– a unique 146-acre preserve with dramatic shoreline bordered by swift tidal water, quiet coves and salt marshes. moderately easy trails. There is a 93’ bridge connecting the East and West preserves.

Ovens Mouth East offers easier hiking than Ovens Mouth West, with 1.6 miles of 3 moderately easy trails. There is a 93’ bridge connecting the East and West preserves.

Penny Lake Preserve, behind the Chamber of Commerce and Carousel Theatre – over a half-mile trail, with the added feature of a half-mile handicap/stroller accessible trail, leading back to the Penny Lake wetland and 16-acre field. Rich in wildlife!

Porter Preserve, on Kimballtown Road, Barter’s Island – BRLT’s most popular preserve, featuring 1.1 miles of moderately easy trails, expansive views of the Sheepscot River and Back River, a small off-shore island, a beach, and an old homestead. An interpretive trail guide is available at the kiosk.

Singing Meadows, on Cross Point Road in Edgecomb – a 16-acre hardwood-rimmed field, home to a wide variety of wildlife, with about a half-mile of trails. BRLT hosts an annual insect and butterfly safari here each August.

Bristol Peninsula and South Bristol: For more information, contact the Pemaquid Watershed Association at 563-2196 or

LaVerna Nature Preserve, on Route 32 in Chamberlain – a longer hike, but fine for the adventuresome preschooler or well-equipped parent. Beautiful forest and lovelyrocky shoreline. 

Pemaquid Beach – a perennial favorite (off-season) walk.

Rachel Carson Salt Pond Preserve, on Route 32 in Chamberlain – not a hike, but a wonderful place to explore a large tide pool area.

Tracy Shores/Library Park– two hikes on either side of Route 129 in South Bristol. Library Park is a 1-mile moderate to steep hike offering excellent views of St. John’s Bay and Witch Island. Tracy Shores is moderate to very steep, with vernal pools, cascading streams, cliffs, and views of Jones Cove and the river.

Walpole Woods, on Route 129 in Walpole – a flat and easy hike, less than a mile, with a pond at its furthest point.

Damariscotta/Newcastle Area: For more information, contact the Damariscotta River Association at 563-1393 or 

Alewife Stream in Damariscotta Mills – explore the newly renovated fish ladder. A must-see in May and June when the alewives are running! 

Dodge Point Preserve on River Road in Newcastle – about a 3 mile loop of moderate difficulty. One of the region’s most popular hikes, featuring multiple beaches and historic remains, including old brickyards and an ice pond, and an interpretive trail

Great Salt Bay Heritage Trail, on Route 215 in Newcastle – You can make this hike as long as you like. Fun for kids, as it offers extensive bog bridges and a metal bridge early on, as well as lovely vistas of 

Great Salt Bay.

Mills Overlook, on Academy Hill Road in Newcastle– a one-mile loop, easy to 

moderate, culminating in a rocky outcropping that overlooks Damariscotta Mills 

andGreat Salt Bay.

Salt Bay Farm on Belvedere Road in Damariscotta – Trails crisscross the 

DRA property, which is easy, rolling terrain. Fields, wetland, salt marsh, and 

shoreline are wonderful for bird-watching. 

Whaleback, on Business Route 1 in Damariscotta – An easy trail, about 1/3 mile, 

leading visitors through the amazing oyster shell midden remains. Passes through an

apple orchard and along a lovely stretch of the Damariscotta River.

Waldoboro Area: For more information, contact the Medomak Valley Land Trust at 832-5570 


Mill Pond, on Finntown Road – short hike to a beautiful stretch of the Goose River, with a nice rock for a picnic. Less than a mile round-trip.

Goose River/Peace Corps Preserve, across from Mill Preserve – another relatively short hike along a lovely stretch of river. Of historical interest, look in the river for old mill equipment. This is from a mill that washed out in a flood years ago. Be cautious, as the current is fast here.

Nelson Preserve, Friendship – owned by Maine Audubon, this is a good spot for a short hike and a picnic. Beautiful deep green mosses.

Osborn-Finch Preserve, on Dutch Neck Road – an easy, short (under 1⁄2 mile) hike to the Medomak River and back. This preserve includes 2 acres of grassy field and 9 acres of moss-draped woodlands featuring old-growth white and red spruce.

Waldoboro Town Forest, on Route 1 near the park & ride – a nice flat trail through old growth hemlocks, with a magical feel. A great spot to build fairy houses!

Wiscasset Area and Inland Lincoln County: For more information, contact the Damariscotta Lake Watershed Association at 563-1393 or, or the Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association at 586-5616 or

Davis Stream Interpretive Trail, on Route 126 in Jefferson – an easy 1⁄2-mile trail, overlooking Davis Stream and a floodplain.

Marsh River Preserve, on Osprey Point Road in Newcastle – An easy 1-mile trail with a 1⁄4-mile secondary loop. Wonderful rock outcrops and lovely vistas of theMarsh River. Pick up an interpretive guide at the kiosk.

Sortwell Memorial Forest in Wiscasset (Wiscasset Outdoors!)– over 200 acres oftrails through pine forest. Trailheads can be found on Willow Lane, at the WiscassetCommunity Center, the primary school, the high school, and the Morris Farm.

Stetser Preserve, Egypt Road, Alna – this mile and a half loop trail winds through hilly woods and old logging trails, and a short spur trail leads to a view of theproperty's beautiful pond

Whitefield Salmon Preserve, on Howe Road in Whitefield – a 56-acre forestlandteeming with wildlife. Nearly two miles of easy trails along the Sheepscot River.

Places to Swim (free and open to public except where noted)

Barrett Park (Linekin Bay), on Wall Point Road in Boothbay Harbor

Biscay Pond, on Biscay Road in Damariscotta

Boyd Pond, on Old County Road in Pemaquid

Bristol Mills, on Route 130 in Bristol

Damariscotta Lake State Park, on Route 32 in Jefferson. Fee: $4 for ages 12 and older.


Damariscotta Mills (Damariscotta Lake), on Route 215 in Nobleboro

Pemaquid Beach Park, on Snowball Hill Road in Bristol. Seasonal day use fee: $4 for 

ages 12 and older. 677-2754

Damariscotta River at Dodge Point, on the River Road in Newcastle (hike in)

Damariscotta River at Glidden Street, Newcastle

Grimes Cove, on Route 96 at Ocean Point in East Boothbay 

Hendricks Headlight, on Beach Road in Southport 

Ross Pond, on Old County Road in Pemaquid

Other Fun Things to Do

Damariscotta River Association, on Belvedere Road in Damariscotta Lincoln Academy, on Academy Hill in Newcastle Wawenock Golf Club, on Route 129 in Walpole

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens (Boothbay) – 633-4533 

Nearly 250 acres, with a mile of waterfront, located on Barters Island Road in 

Boothbay. The gardens are open year round. Explore the Garden of the Five

Senses or the new Children’s Garden, or simply walk some of the many beautiful

pathways around ponds, through the woods, and along the water’s edge.

Special programs for kids and families are offered regularly, including 

Story Time in the Forest, which is Thursdays in July and August 

(starting July 8 – please call for specifics). 

Admission to the gardens is $10 for adults, $5 for kids age 3-17, and free for children under 3.

Farms to Visit (seasons and hours of operation vary)

Beau Chemin Farm, on Finntown Road in Waldoboro – organic heirloom produce and flowers, heritage livestock, trails. 832-5789 or

County Fair Farm, on Route 32 in Jefferson – a full farm stand, baby animal barn, and free wagon rides on weekends. 549-3536 or

The Morris Farm, on Route 27 in Wiscasset – A working farm and educational resource for the communities of Midcoast Maine. Welcomes visitors, also offers day camps, after-

school programs, and special programs. FMI: 882-4080 or 

Springtide Farm, on Rial Herald Road in Bremen – charming cashmere goats. 529-5747 or 

Winter’s Gone Farm, on Route 27 in Wiscasset – alpacas. 882-9191 or

Maine State Aquarium (West Boothbay Harbor) – 633-9559  Home to a fantastic array of sea creatures found on the Maine Coast, from lobsters of various colors and sizes, to northern shrimp, to sportfish. Features an 850 gallon tank where visitors can pet a live shark or skate, as well as a twenty-foot touch tank filled with anenomes, sea cucumbers, starfish and sea stars, mussels, scallops, oysters, crabs, and much more. Open seasonally. Free for kids 4 and under, $3 for kids 5-16 with an adult family member, and $5 for adults.

Bailey’s Orchard, North Hunts Meadow Road in Whitefield - apples. 549-7680

Beau Chemin Farm, on Finntown Road in Waldoboro – flowers, raspberries. 832-5789

Biscay Orchards, Biscay Road, Damariscotta - apples, flowers, pumpkins. 563-3026

Clarks’ Cove Farm, on Ridge Road in Walpole – apples. 563-8704

County Fair Farm, on Route 32 in Jefferson - apples, pumpkins and flowers. 


Crummett Mountain Farm, Crummet Mountain Road in Somerville – organic

wild blueberries. 549-7314. Call for hours very early in the morning and please

leave your phone number.

Popp Farm, off Route 128 in Dresden – strawberries, cranberries, peas and beets.


Sand Hill Farm, Sand Hill Road, Somerville – organic strawberries. 549-5089. 

Uncas Farms, Townhouse Road, Whitefield – strawberries. 549-5185. Call ahead.

Windsong Herbs & Gardens, Windsong Way, Walpole – organic herbs and

flowers. 677-3770


Boothbay Railway A turn-of-the-century village with over 24 buildings containing historical exhibits, including an auto museum. Admission ($5 for kids 3 to 16, and $9 for adults) includes a ride on the authentic narrow-gauge steam train. Open seasonally. Located on Route 27 in Boothbay.

WW&F Railway Museum

On the Cross Road in Alna: museum, gift shop, and historic narrow gauge train with approximately 4 miles of track through the Alna countryside. Trains run on weekends, from April into December. $4 for kids 4 to 12, and $6 for people over 12.

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Here's what's going on! Click the link to view our calendar!

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How To Give

Bequest: Just takes a simple designation in your will or trust and costs nothing during your lifetime.


Gift of Stock: Just requires gifting shares of stock to Healthy Kids.  Your broker will contact Bath Savings for Healthy Kids and you get a tax deduction worth the value of the stock when sold vs. what you paid for it.

Living Trust: Avoids probate.  Just name Healthy Kids as a beneficiary.

Gift Annuity: Increases your own cash flow.... A simple agreement that can increase your cash flow from a gift that provides guaranteed fixed payments for life.  Lifetime annuity payments, based on age may be two or three time higher than your cash return on low-earning securities or CDs.

Life Insurance: Donate a policy and deduct future premium payments, or just name Healthy Kids as the policy beneficiary.  Individuals typically pay less than $1 for $1 of coverage.


Charitable Remainder Trust: Great tool for selling assets tax-free and receiving income for life: the remaining assets go to Healthy Kids.  It provides steady cash flow and can be more beneficial than keeping an asset or selling it outright.


Planning a gift to Healthy Kids can be financially beneficial to both you and the organization.  Below are ways to give.  You should always consult your financial planner and attorney regarding any gift.

Call Healthy Kids for more information: 207-563-1818

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Contact Healthy Kids


Get in touch with Healthy Kids to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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